Symphony #1 'Hope'

This symphony symbolises the winning of hope in the face of despair and anguish. It is a strong statement both musically and in human terms of the struggle between good and evil, and the victory of hope.

Movement 1 "The Fall of 2010"
Length: approx 09'38"

A fall in life paralleled in music amplifies the need for hope. A Prokofiev inspired musical metaphor; the coda expressing this need with a foreshadowing in the hope to come.

Movement 2 “Demonic Scherzo”
Length: approx 05’02”

Composed with the inspiration from Oxfordshire, England during the time Ben was there. Hope wins out in silencing the Demonic Scherzo in the end.

Movement 3 “Pastoral”
Length: approx 12’13”

A movement in the style of Gustav Mahler composed in the area in which he lived while composing his 9th Symphony

Movement 4 “Hope”
Length: approx 10’17”

The scream of demons return only to be calmed with melodies of hope throughout. A hope theme in ¾ returns in the coda, only in common time, to finally put to rest the screams of despair.