Benjamin is pleased to confirm his attendance at the Women’s Club at Lakeside Chautaqua. Benjamin will be addressing the audience as part of the Summer Festival on

5 August 2014 at 1.30pm
At the Green Gables

This is the 3rd time Benjamin had the pleasure of joining the Women’s Club for a public lecture and this year he will engage the audience in the process of composition. Read More...

Special Performance at Beethoven House, Bonn

Being granted special permission by the curator of Beethoven House in Bonn, Germany where Beethoven was born in 1712, Benjamin performed a private concert of a Beethoven Romance as well as one of his own compositions. “It was such a great honour to have been invited to play just outside Beethoven’s birth room, especially that the last person to perform in this very spot was Pablo Casals in 1956. I couldn’t have been more humbled by the kindness of all the staff working at the museum and music collections to allow me to play for them.” Read More...