Catalogue of Works

When you come to hear one of my pieces performed, remember that it was written just for you.
Benjamin Lloyd
Listing of works. Each premiered piece is indicated by *. More information and soundbites are available online for selected pieces, wherever a hyperlink is available, but further details on each piece as well as scores are available on request.

Benjamin is a member of ASCAP and his scores are copyright protected.

Pre-Concert Premieres Season 2013/14


Overtures and Concert Pieces
  • 'Elegy', a String and Harp piece to the memory of a deceased orchestra member *
  • 'Lady in Blue', a short musical portrait
  • 'Welsh Tryst', an American’s  musical impression of Anglesey, Wales
  • 'Lullaby', a string piece after the style of Brittan’s “Adagio for Strings”
  • 'Fanfare', for the opening of the Lakeside Chautauqua Symphony's 50th season*


  • 'Elegy', a string and harp piece to the memory of a deceased orchestra member *
  • 'Hochzeitsmelodie' for Violin, Harp and Alto Recorder *
  • 'Hochzeitsmelodie II' for Violin, Harp, Soprano and Alto Recorder *
  • 'Hochzeitsmelodie IV' for 2 Violins, Harp and Flute *
  • 'Pinpilipauxa' for Piano *

  • 'Hochzeitsmelodien', a suite of wedding music with individual personal dedications
  • 'People I know', a 10 movement suite in the style of the "Enigma Variations"

Competition Pieces
  • 'Return to Anglesey'
  • 'Regis and Kelly'

  • 'Disturbing Horizons' a ballet, orchestrated and co-written with Shawn Philips *